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Expert help for IRS tax programs

Our professional tax associates will work with you over the phone and online!

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Expert help for IRS tax programs

Our professional tax associates will work with you over the phone and online!

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Expert help for IRS tax programs

Our professional tax associates will work with you over the phone and online!

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Practical Tax Solutions

Your Full Service Tax Firm

We fully understand resolving tax liability is messy. We also understand that people simply have questions about taxes and what their options are. Whatever the case is, we strive to help people achieve resolving the tax liability they may be faced with, when we do, it transforms lives.

The access we have to the bureaucratic channels, professional expertise in tax resolution, and compassion through solving the complex problems ensure you’ll get out of any issues with the IRS. It’s not a walk in the park, but that’s why we’re here. ​

The Tax code is complex. It can not only be difficult, but extremely dangerous to navigate alone. Don’t commit to anything with anyone until you get the facts. Feel free to reach out if you’d just like to speak with someone. Know your rights and understand what your true options are. It’s toll-free and 100% confidential.

Tax Relief for you that’s done right, starts here.

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Hardship Program

If you qualify for the Financial Hardship Program, we will prove in a legal binding agreement, that you are completely unable to pay anything towards your tax liability

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Bookkeeping Solutions

We want our clients to focus on their business and leave the books to us. With over 15 years in Bookkeeping experience, you know you’re in good hands.

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Wage Garnishment Release

Collecting a tax liability from taxpayers is the Internal Revenue Service’s main objective, and they are pretty good at doing it. See how our team can help you navigate these rough waters.

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Our Tax Solutions

Estimated Tax


Bank Levy

Offer In


Delinquent Tax
Return Preparation



Hardship Managed


Innocent Spouse /
Equitable Relief

Tax Liability

Wage Garnishment


Legal Reinstatement
of Tax Liability

Trouble with the IRS or State

can take many forms

Whatever you’re facing. A large balance, penalties and interest, levies or liens — there’s a solution that’s right for you and your family. The best place to start is understanding the problem.

See what our clients say about us

Charlie Torres

I want to give my Gratitude and Thanks to Summer Heard who is my representative that is defending me with my Tax issue! She is a very responsible and well organized lawyer that has been nothing but a Big help and Blessing to me since day 1. She takes a complicated situation and she breaks it down step by step, I highly recommend this firm to whoever is dealing with tax issues This firm will definitely make you feel at ease and will protect you and provide you with the maximum amount of very important information to get the best results for your case! Top of line service and quality.

Fiona Woods

I can not tell you how much my life has changed since deciding to have my bookkeeping done by Practical Tax Solutions. I started a cleaning business about 2 years ago and i have to say i was overwhelmed on what I should do when filing taxes. I reached out to Practical Tax Solutions and they walked me through everything so I would not fall behind on anything hiring this company was the best decision I have ever made. I fall asleep each night knowing I do not have to stress about these issues any longer. Thank You so much Practical Tax Solutions for helping me.

Erin Conklin

Practical Tax Solutions has done a great job working on my personal and business taxes. Tina has been in constant contact with us regarding our information. Not only do they help with taxes but also book keeping for business.

Jordan Transport

I would like to thank jelani Taylor for reaching out to me today. She took her time out too listen to my situation, and very understanding person as well. As of today we all get skeptical of people reaching out to you offering their services,what they can do what they can offer and red flag comes about when they ask for your personal identity, personal info but no resolution. But Mrs Taylor was on top of her game, She was accurate very detailed about every question I had for her. She build my trust in her too work with her too solve my issues which took a lot of relief off me. So congrats too Mrs. Taylor for offering her great services i’ve been bought and looking forward to working with u all.

Brooke Davidson

10/10 Summer has fixed all of my tax problems! I had a lot of discrepancies that piled up over the years and seems like she fixed it overnight! She always lets me know what’s going on and keeps me in the loop! If you are thinking of getting your taxes done here, do it! Ask for Summer! I hope she can do my taxes for the rest of my life lol!

James Coleman

Since becoming a client with Practical Tax Solutions I have felt a sense of relief in their handling my tax resolutions. Tina is my number one voice and email to all my needs. Wow! What a true professional with all that’s going on we still take time to address any issues or concerns that may occur. Thanks Practical Tax for having a professional on your Team and to all those behind the scenes. Tina Thank you for going

through these times with me. I appreciate your thoughts and honesty.

Jeff W.

Matt and his team have done everything to set my mind at ease and work with me any way possible.. Very professional and Matt has showed me time and time again of how much he truly cares…

Set your mind at ease give them a call… Once again thank you Matt and your team for all that you have done for me….

Chris robbins

This Company has done wonders for me and my family.. When me and my wife did not know where to turn with our tax situation and a pending wage garnishment, Matthew and Tina gave me a light at the end of a very dark tunnel we had dug ourselves into Matthew put together a strategic plan for me and my wife, and 2 years later we stepped out of the darkness and into the light, This is no longer something that keeps us up at night. Thanks for everything from the bottom of our hearts.

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