Wage Garnishment Release

The time is now

Collecting a tax liability from taxpayers is the Internal Revenue Services’ main objective, and they are pretty good at doing it. The IRS can take a significant portion of your paycheck leaving you with little or nothing each month in order to live and pay your bills. When it comes to state garnishments, most states will not allow the wage garnishment to be released and will continue until the entire tax debt is paid in full. For that reason alone, please do not wait until the state starts this process. The IRS however is a bit different. Our team of licensed tax professionals are more than capable of having the garnishment released.

Let us help

When the IRS sends a Notice of Levy to a bank, the bank must wait 21 days before sending the IRS the payment. A bank levy can be released if it can be shown that the levy would cause you severe financial hardship. Our licensed tax professionals know how to best demonstrate to the IRS the damage a potential levy can do to your financial situation. Again, the faster we act on your case, the better. Most people that have tax issues can contest that it did not happen overnight but through the course of multiple years. Practical Tax Solutions can, in most cases, have an IRS garnishment/levy stopped within a week or so. One of the biggest challenges however is that you must be legally compliant with your tax filings. If you’re not, we will certainly get that addressed and fixed as well.

Wage garnishment and bank levy release