Tax Liability Analysis​

Making sense of it all

The taxpayer often believes there is an inappropriate increase in their tax liability due to former mishandling of their tax returns.

We're experienced

Often we find there was some form of mistake or outright fraud in past tax years. There are many crafty bad people out there that simply should not be filing your taxes. The IRS knows this as well.

Practical Tax Solutions would facilitate a full review of the tax years. This complete examination is designed to open an investigation into said liabilities, missing refund checks, and any other notable findings.

Then we would then determine if any related liability can be reduced through standard accounting measures and the filing or assessment dates of each return/liability.

You keep doing your thing

Let’s face it, you’re probably great at what you do, and that’s why you do it. With bookkeeping out of your hair, we’re confident you’ll be feeling much better knowing it’s in our hands.

We’ll look forward to eliminating the confusion and the hassle in your bookkeeping process. This will allow you to focus on the road and grow your business, knowing our Tax Pros have you covered and the bookkeeping handled!

We've got your back

We are also a proud national leader in IRS tax resolution. If you have an existing tax liability issue, Our job is to legally enforce your rights as an American and resolve your tax liability to the most favorable outcome, which is allowable by law.